javelin at bexhill 30-01-15

Bexhill Rail Action Group: Campaigning for the East Coastway

Bexhill Rail Action Group (BRAG) is a voluntary group that campaigns for the improvement of rail services and stations on the East Coastway line between Hastings and Eastbourne, and onwards to Brighton, London and Ashford.

In 2005 the Rail Authorities were planning to axe all through services between Bexhill and London. BRAG successfully campaigned for this decision to be reversed.

Despite the reversal of this decision, and some improvements to stations and rolling stock, BRAG believes that the line needs additional investment in track and signalling as well as faster services to London. The East and West Sussex Coastway lines both get a very poor service compared to the Brighton Main Line, where two train operators are in competition with each other - possibly running too many trains at the expense of the Coastway services.

We would like to see better use made of the Marshlink route to Ashford, where high speed domestic and international connections are available.

There are a number of potential infrastructure projects which could benefit rail services in this area. See About BRAG - longer term aims for more details.

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